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$32,853 for GAZA

Alhamdulillaah, through the efforts of the students of Qabeelat Durbah, and the will of Allaah ‘azza wa jal, our attempt at raising $20,000 for GAZA went a tad above and beyond.

The Project was renamed to:

$32,853 for GAZA

More from our MashaAllaah Fantastic Fundraising Department:

$20,000 for GAZA

$20,000 for Gaza

ACTION-GAZA: A to-do list we can’t do without

From MuslimMatters:

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Bismillah, before continuing, please check all pessimism and hopelessness at the gate, otherwise do not read any further. Feel free to use this post, in entirety, and circulate as much as possible. Copyright rules are waived for it.

FAMILIARIZE : Familiarize yourself with the Gaza situation if you are not already up to speed. You can read MM’s complete coverage by clicking here.

We have compiled a list of action-items (many from readers’ comments) into one list that, inshaAllah, will empower us all. We have all read enough about Gaza to know the grave situation that our brethren find themselves in. Now, it’s time to do something. This is OUR 60-90 minutes action-guide that WE should go through at least once. Repeat one or more of the actions as often as you are able to. Do as much as you can, whenever you can. NO ACTION IS INSIGNIFICANT.

Once you are done taking ANY or all actions, come back and add a comment to record your small contribution(s), but with great reward towards OUR cause. The purpose of checking back in is to encourage others to do the same. A small logo for this post will be added to front page, on the right side:

OUR 60-Minute Action-Gaza Plan (one-time, not daily):